Cabaldon Wins Pre-Endorsement Pending Vote At CDP Convention

West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon yesterday evening won the Democratic Party’s Pre-Endorsement. The endorsement now moves to the Democratic Party’s Consent Calendar whereby if there are no challenges, Mayor Cabaldon would be formally endorsed by the Democratic Party by a simple majority of the party.

Christopher Cabaldon crossed the 70% threshold with 66 votes to just 25 for his Democratic Primary challenger Yolo County Supervisor Mariko Yamada. Two voters voted for no endorsement.

Given the charges and counter-charges that flew between the camps on Wednesday, there is a good chance there will be a challenge to the pre-endorsement results. The Yamada Campaign alleged that the Cabaldon Campaign artificially inflated the membership in the West Sacramento Democratic Club, which gave them an additional 38 delegates that were eligible to vote on or before the Thursday Pre-Endorsement Conference. The Cabaldon campaign argued that they simply were engaging in party building activities. Meanwhile, fallout continued from inside maneuvering in the Davis Democratic Club where delegates were apparently drawn up by a few insiders with little to no notice to the executive board in the club itself.

According to a Democratic Party official, in order to be removed from the consent calendar–20 percent of the Democratic State Central Committee members could send the State Party a letter wishing to pull a specific race from the consent calendar. This must be done by March 18 at 5 pm. If that were to occur, they would have an endorsing caucus at the Democratic State Convention in San Jose. At that point the winner would need to receive 60% of the vote to then be put on the consent calendar on Sunday, March 30th.

The Democratic Party Official that I spoke with believes almost certainly that this item will get pulled for some reason or another, especially given formal complaints that were filed about the procedure. However, if it does get pulled, and a vote takes place in San Jose, the rules would completely change. There would be no mail-in ballots. The Democratic Clubs, the source of much of this controversy would not have a vote, it would merely be assigned delegates selected either from the County Central Committee, the Assembly District Committee or appointed by elected Democratic Officials that would be able to vote. However, people can use proxies.

Looks like more intrigue in this heated race for the 8th Assembly District Democratic nominee. At stake is the fact that the winner of the Democratic Primary will almost certainly become the next Assembly Member from the heavily Democratic 8th Assembly District currently held by Assemblywoman Lois Wolk.

—Doug Paul Davis reporting


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