Cabaldon wins Next Stage with 69% of Vote

Needing 60%, Christopher Cabaldon defeated Mariko Yamada by a 28-13 vote to retain the Democratic Party Nomination.

Amid rumors swirling all day that Cabaldon had received $50,000 for Wal Mart interests and allegations that he tried to buy delegates from West Sacramento, Cabaldon first defended himself and then talked about his record and goals. In the end, he received 69% nearly identical to the percentage he received at the pre-endorsement vote.

Mariko Yamada in her speech told the room, packed to the brim with observers, mainly from outside of the 8th Assembly District, “I applaud the growth of the West Sacramento Democratic Club, but I question the process.”

But the fun is just beginning. The Yamada campaign plans to obtain 300 signatures. Rumors this morning apparently were false that they had already gathered those. They have between now and 11 pm to do.

Meanwhile the Cabaldon campaign was ready, with a pack of volunteers and fliers saying, “decline to sign. Today Christopher Cabaldon received over 60% of the vote! Christopher is our party’s choice for the 8th Assembly District. To ensure that our democratic party vote is upheld, we need your help!.”

They go on to instruct delegates from across the party to not sign the petition to overturn his endorsement and to stay on Sunday to uphold the vote.

And just think, this is the minor fracus, the heated one is between Carole Migden and Mark Leno for Migden’s Senate Seat.

—-Doug Paul Davis reporting


  • David Greenwald

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