Friday Briefs: Garamendi To Speak in Davis Sunday

Garamendi To Speak in Davis Sunday At Davis Democratic Champagne Brunch

Rick Gonzales, Jr. Wins Liberty Bell Law Award

Rick Gonzales Jr. received the prestigious Liberty Bell Award for 2007 at the Yolo County Bar Association Law Day Luncheon in Winters recently. This award is given by the Yolo County Bar Association each year to honor a non-lawyer who has promoted better understanding of the rule of law, encouraged greater respect for law and the courts, stimulated a sense of civic responsibility or contributed to good government in the community.

Gonzales is the head of the Yolo County Concilio which gives out scholarships to disadvantaged youth in order to enable them to go to high school. He has been a champion for civil rights and social justice in Davis and in Yolo County.

Vanguard Booth at Farmer’s Market on Saturday Morning

We will be back once again at Farmer’s Market. Last week we had hundreds of signatures for our anti-war petition. We will bring it back again. In addition, we will have several other potential petitions (or so I have been told).

Free Vanguard Bumperstickers!

We still have a few more free bumperstickers to give out–we have not gotten the shipment just yet in case you have already ordered them. They will eventually be selling for $2 a piece. However, email me a request including a name and address to receive a People’s Vanguard of Davis bumpersticker for free! This is a limited time offer.

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—Doug Paul Davis reporting


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