Souza Encourages Heystek to Bring up Living Wage Item on His Own

In what follows is the exchange from the August 1, 2006 Meeting where Heystek first requestioned that council agendize the living wage ordinance. Note that he clearly states he would like it on the September 12 agenda. This is important because when Council votes against agendizing the item by a 3-2 vote, Souza specifically encourages Heystek to prepare the item on his own for discussion. Because he has to prepare the item himself, it takes until the September 19 Meeting to bring it forward, which was the last possible date it could have a first reading and still apply to Measure K. Heystek is then chatised by Souza and Saylor both at the meeting and in the press for politicking and throwing this item on them at the least meeting. In light of this video clip, this attack is shown completely unfounded and the council majority is in fact responsible for the late date by failing to allow staff to prepare this item.

Bottom line here–the video at the end of this clip clearly shows Souza encourage Heystek to bring this proposal forward on his own and later both he and Saylor attack Heystek for bringing it forward at the last minute (he did not) and for politicking. This is duplicitous on the part of council at best.

—Doug Paul Davis reporting


  • David Greenwald

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