No on Measure X Responds to PG&E

On Friday, we reported that PG&E was using the “No on X” visage to convince Davis voters that they were green. Yesterday, the People’s Republic of Davis received a communication for the “No on X” group. It was a copy of a letter to the PG&E asking them to cease and desist from using their image in the No on H & I campaign and demanding that they retract the implication that “No on X” has anything to do with No on H & I.

No on X

xxxxx County Road 97, Davis CA 95616

October 20, 2006

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We have sent the following letter to PG&E and to its campaign consultants:

Dear PG&E,

No on Measure X was the successful citizens’ campaign to stop the Covell Village residential development in Davis. PG&E has distributed a mailer to all Davis residents which uses an image identical to the No on X campaign sign.

We object to the use of the No on X campaign sign image. We demand that PG&E send a letter immediately to all Davis residents retracting the implication that the No on X Committee has anything to do with your campaign against Measures H and I—the proposals to replace PG&E with SMUD as the electrical provider for Davis.

The No on X Committee does not endorse PG&E’s position against Measures H and I. PG&E has no right to use our lawn sign image in your advertisements and thereby misrepresent our citizens’ group on this issue. We object to your implied message to Davis voters that if they voted No on X they should now vote no on H and I. Measure X had nothing to do with PG&E or SMUD.

We demand your immediate response to this letter.


The No on X Committee:

Anne Driscoll (530) xxx-xxxx, Stan Forbes (530) xxx-xxxx, Carolyn Hinshaw (530) xxx-xxxx, Dick Livingston (530) xxx-xxxx, Pam Nieberg (530) xxx-xxxx, Bill Ritter (408) xxx-xxxx, Eileen Samitz (530) xxx-xxxx, Ken Wagstaff (530) xxx-xxxx


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