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Some interesting tidbits that were overheard this weekend…

Acting Police Chief Steve Pierce offers an explanation for the incident at Davis High School. He said that the kid fit the description of a person who had committed a crime and that they were looking for. That seems like a strange statement from the acting chief for a number of reasons. First the security guard I do not believe is under the control of the chief. And second, the explanation came at a public event where someone told him about the incident–so he suddenly knew this off the top of his head? It will be very interesting to see the explanation that the principal provides and see if it squares with the police chief.

Stephen Souza was heard this weekend saying that the issue of the police is only a issue for certain types of people in this community. What in the world is that supposed to mean Mr. Souza?

Don Saylor speaking at the Democratic Bean Feed got a very tepid response. We’ve heard that he’s putting out feelers to run for the Democratic Nomination for the State Assembly for the seat that Lois Wolk will retire from in two years. Based on his response, we suggest he try for the Republican nomination, he might get a better reception. He then spoke about Democratic party values… He might try to remember in the future living wage and unions are kind of important to Democratic voters.

—Doug Paul Davis reporting


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