Word To The Wise – Sex Torts: Backlash in Favor of Public Health

tortsBy E. Roberts Musser –

Some years ago, acting in my capacity as a volunteer attorney for seniors in legal trouble, I came across an interesting case. An elderly widow, whose husband had died some years previously, had for the first time decided to begin the unfamiliar process of dating again. Unfortunately her very first prospect caused her to fall head over heels in love. I wish I could remember how she met this man, but unfortunately with so many cases rolling around in my head from years gone by, the circumstances of their meeting completely escapes me at the moment.

Nevertheless, this widow revealed to me that she never had “sex” with this man, per se. But the poor soul admitted they had been intimate enough for her to contract genital herpes from him. Perplexed, I fearlessly waded in and asked for more specifics on how this could happen. But she was too embarrassed to give me the gory details. What she did say is that she confronted her lover about him having infected her knowing he already had the sexually transmitted disease. His response was nonchalant and dismissive. He didn’t care, especially because their relationship had already ceased to exist.

Commentary: Jon Stewart Brings Down Media’s House of Cards

Something very important happened on the way to Rick Santelli of CNBC becoming a right wing and populist icon.  People seem to forget that the real target of Jon Stewart was not Jim Cramer, but Rick Santelli.

But there was Rick Santelli on February 19 on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade railing against the Obama administration housing plans.  As he’s pounding away, he elicits boos from the traders and then asserts wildly, “President Obama, are you listening?”  The media sure was, they seized on it as a moment to demonstrate mass discontent with the new Obama administration policies.